Performance offers, as the name states, rely on a specific performance to be completed. There are two types of performance campaigns: campaigns based on specific user actions or campaigns based on the amount of views your videos reached.

Action-based performance campaigns

Action-based performance campaigns count conversions (meaning the point where the performance is completed) after a specific action is fulfilled by auser/player that you referred through a personalized referral-link. In many cases the conversion is simply the sign-up to a free-to-play game or to the newsletter of a game, but in some cases the conversion is only counted after a game has been sold to that user. This system is also commonly known as Affiliate Marketing and is commonly used online by websites such as Amazon or G2A. You will find your personal referral-link in your campaigns once you have been approved for a performance campaign.

There are a few archetypes of performance campaigns for video games:

  • Single Opt-In campaigns (SOI): A simple sign-up on the landing page of thegame is sufficient to validate the conversion.
  • Double Opt-In campaigns (DOI): On top of signing up to a game users need to confirm their email address.
  • Cost-per-Player campaigns (CPP): On top of signing up and confirming their account, users need to accomplish a specific task in game (for example log-in for the first time, create a character, finish the tutorial or reach level 5).
  • Cost-per-Order (CPO): Users need to buy the game or the founders pack for the conversion to be valid.

View-based performance campaigns

View-based performance campaigns or CPM-campaigns (=Cost per thousand views),are based on the amount of views you reached with your sponsored video 30 days after publication. Let’s say you publish a video about the latest Assassin’s Creed and it reaches a total of 34.500 views 30 days after publication and the agreed upon CPM was 20€. Then you would have earned a total of 690€(20€*34.500/1000=690€).

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