With our performance offers (SOI, DOI, CPP, CPO) your payout depends on how many people actually sign-up to or buy a game through your personalized link. It works similarly to traditional Affiliate programs like Amazon or game shops like G2A.

For fixed price offers you can suggest a price for a specific amount of videos or streams. A good value to calculate a fair price for videos on your channel is the so called CPM (=Cost per thousand views). It indicates how much you should charge for a total of 1000 views. At nevaly we recommend creators to set their price anywhere from 10-25€ per thousand views. For example if your videos reach on average 5.000 views and you plan on releasing 3 videos about the game(total of 15.000 views) an acceptable price would be 300€(20€*15.000/1000=300€).

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